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Dear Long Lowery Family,


I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As I sit here, eagerly counting down the days until our next family reunion, my heart is filled with anticipation and excitement. 


In this fast-paced world, where time seems to slip through our fingers like sand, it becomes even more crucial to take a step back and reconnect with our roots. Our family holds a special place in my heart, and it is during these reunions that I am reminded of the invaluable bonds we share.


The moments we've experienced together, both the laughter and tears, have shaped us into the individuals we are today. From the childhood memories that still make us giggle uncontrollably, to the wisdom we've gained through life's trials and tribulations, our journey together has been nothing short of extraordinary.


During our reunion, we will have the opportunity to create new memories that will forever be etched in our hearts. The laughter that fills the air, the stories that are shared, and the love that flourishes in every embrace will serve as a reminder of the incredible strength and unity that lies within our family.


As we come together, let us take this time to reflect on the blessings we have received and express gratitude for the unwavering support we've given over the years.  Our presence will not only bring warmth to this gathering, but it will also reaffirm our commitment to each other, reminding us that no matter the distance or time that separates us, we are always connected by an unbreakable bond.


I eagerly await the day when we can all gather once again, to celebrate our past, embrace our present, and look forward to the future with hope in our hearts. Let us cherish this special opportunity to reconnect, rejuvenate, and strengthen the ties that bind us.


With love and anticipation,


The Atlanta Family Reunion Committee

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